DETOX3 retreats – 7 DAYS in FRANCE

From 24th May to 30th May 2020

From 2nd August to 8th August 2020



We invite you to the 7 day process in France

DETOX3 - 7 Days

FRANCE / 24th -30th May 2020

DETOX3 - 7Days

FRANCE /  2nd – 8th August 2020


✔︎ Allows us to acknowledge the full range of emotions, especially anger, frustration, sadness, anxiety and fear.

✔︎ Emotions that have been in us since childhood which tend to drive our life in an unconscious way are invited to be felt, with love and taken care of with patience.

✔︎ Instead of repressing the emotion or trying to change it for a positive one, we focus on creating inner space in ourselves to integrate it.

✔︎ The process is profound yet simple. It brings expansion, extra energy and a genuine feeling of freedom. It boosts the nervous system and creates a very special sense of wellbeing.


Physical, mental and emotional Detoxification


We will evaluate “limiting beliefs” in parallel with the detoxification of the physical body. In our evolution of life, the mind sometimes causes barriers in our thinking which suggests that change is not possible.

From a situation and facts, human often start to create a story in his mind which is very different from the reality. We see the world around us through a lens, through filters created by our education, experiences, conditionings and believes. 

It is therefore necessary to blow off these limiting beliefs in order to engage a true inner transformation and start to visit the emotional body. We will then see how the emotional body is responsible of so many unconscious actions and reactions in our lives, and how we can take back our full potential and power by integrating our emotions.


The process includes a phase of detoxification of the body through a juice cure. The energy that is not being consumed in digestion becomes directly available for the rest of the body.

Everyone has felt heavy and sleepy after a big meal. However, everyone feels light and full of energy after a big glass of fresh fruit and vegetable juice!! We will learn the importance of what we ingest and how to listen to and find your own body balance.


Emotions are to the human what a dashboard is to a plane pilot. They constantly put ourselves into actions, or can even block our life energy. We usually consider our emotions and the generated reactions as the only choice that we have, then we try to change the world around us or even cut ourselves form our emotional system.  We could instead start to take the responsability of our emotions and start to bring changes into our life by taking back our full potential and power.

During the week we will learn how to observe emotions in a conscious way so we can better integrate them, deeply understand and clearly express them. We will connect to our dashboard and then free ourselves from emotional dependence, so our inner development can prosper while reducing the impact of uncomfortable emotions on our health, relationships, and our life !

Step by step, our unconscious reactions will start to appear clearly to our consciousness, we will become more able to choose how we want to react and interact, and if we want to create suffering or peace in us and around us.



Visionary – Pioneer – Communicator

Gastón was born in Argentina in 1971 and has been living in Berlin for the last 15 years.

In 2014 he upgraded his body to a more subtle nourishment system called “Prana” and now, only drinks liquids. This new subtle nourishment system generated physical changes that enabled him to obtain German sports golden badge the years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Moreover, his liquidarian life also enables him to run half marathons, olympic triathlons and practice acrobatics.

He shares his personal experience in Spanish, German and English throughout many countries around the world.

He offers lectures, individual sessions, face to face and online workshops teaching you how to use his “DETOX3: Physical-Mental-Emotional” method to improve your life!!.

Gaston is also a father of an 11 year old daughter and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration specializing in International Finance.

Today, Gastón proposes a new paradigm for the expansion of consciousness : “Sharing Clarity”, through the process of observing one’s own emotions in a conscious manner, so that they can be integrated with awareness and increasing our inner space.

Join our "Sharing Clarity Family"

We create a special space for your inner being. The heart can open, you can have more space for the others and start to change your world from the inside, where you can have a direct impact and use your full potential of creation and transformation.


Embracing the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Pyrenees on the other, “Naturoland” is a place in full harmony with nature. At the foot of Pic du Canigou and close to Lake Vinça where it is possible to go for a swim and ideal to peacefully relax.

Naturoland is 100% energy independent of municipal electricity or water. Respect for nature allows us to realize that these resources are precious and rare which is something especially hard to realize when connected to networks.


“I recommend this process that has totally transformed me”

It’s the first time that I participate in a workshop that makes me go so deep into myself, I mean, a workshop where all the information came from within myself, not from the teacher.

I felt very well supported by Gaston and the other members of the group. The content was set so I go into a new level of depth within myself.

There is no need of any esoteric or energy knowledge, only the will to go deeply into yourself.

David B. - France

DETOX3 2017

“Having consciously felt my emotions has allowed me to flourish and it is a very precious gift”

Having consciously felt my emotions has allowed me to flourish and it is a very precious gift. I think it’s something very big, very different and profound. Gastón accompanies me, leaving me space to be, without judging me, simply change, to continue to go deep, to find myself.

 I did not expect these things to happen, it was surprising, but at the same time, a lightness never felt before, understanding, my whole life changes sense, vibration. I am happy.

Diana M. - Chile

DETOX3 2018

« The Detox3 retreat was incredible. I could never have imagined that emotions had such treasures hidden within them »


The Detox3 retreat was incredible. I could never have imagined that emotions had such treasures hidden within them; that they could take you on such wild journeys from the deepest personal pains and dark spaces of holding to energised states of open relaxation, relief and wholeness.

I find it amazing that emotions hold the key to their own resolution. They don’t need fixing or therapy or something else done to them, they’re just asking to be felt and be accepted back home. That’s all. They unlock their own door, their own potential. They bring gifts but usually we don’t see that and push them away instead. From the perspective of my own personal development, during the week I was handed pieces of the puzzle I didn’t even know I was missing.

Learning about and experiencing the emotions in a new way as alluded to above was a huge eye-opener, but there was also many other insights and lessons along the way. For example, one such thing was about power: of becoming more aware of, connecting to, and utilising one’s power more, and doing so with responsibility and clarity. This is a totally new avenue for me and one I’m just starting to explore.

Another issue I repeatedly came up against was my own judgements. Because the week involves living in a group setting and working closely with others, there were many occasions I was forced to see how the conclusions my mind made about someone were, at best only partially true, if not totally untrue. As we trained our feeling capacity, feeling together with others, this whole other side to people was revealed and put my judgements into a larger perspective.

Four weeks after the retreat there remains a greater spaciousness in my being, with a larger capacity to meet others and be present with them. 

Gaston completely embodies the teachings he shares, expressing honestly and unashamedly a full range of emotions from a place of clarity. He has a wonderful ability to see and understand people, feeling where they are coming from, and then lead them through the process of emotional integration. It was a joy to watch, and also experience first-hand, someone so skilled and in tune with what he does, bringing about positive transformation in people.

Simon B. - Sweden

DETOX3 2018

Welcome Home ! Full potential loading in progress …


Full potential loading in progress …

I sincerely hope that you feel inspired from reading about the positive life changes above and invite you to personally begin your journey through the wonderful 3 levels of growth in understanding yourself.

My grateful heart is looking forward to meeting you with warm open arms saying “Welcome Home” as we manifest a profound heart-2-heart connection of caring and consciousness between all of us.

 – Gaston B. –

Want to know more ? Ready to jump in ?

Online Free Webinar

Do you want to know more about the Feeling Technology, the new way of feeling your body and emotions in order to generate big changes in your life and increasing your consciousness ? 

An online free webinar is coming soon, in order to share about Feeling Technology, about your actual limits in life, about next Detox3 weeks, and answer your questions.

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Conferences and Workshops

If you want to have a taste of what the Feeling Technology is, you can join us on the World Pranic Festival in Italy, Gaston is giving 1 conference and 2 workshops for free, from 6th until 9th of June 2019 .

We will start to experiment how we can feel our emotions with consciousness, to start opening a big positive change in ourselves.


DETOX3 Week Retreat in France

Are you ready to experiment the FEELING TECHNOLOGY, and jump in the Detox3 week in order to start the big change in your life ?

You can join our”sharing clarity family”. We are a group of people from all over the world, who have started to take the responsability of our emotions, and we share our new openess, consciouness  and clarity.

Click here in order to receive the PDF containing all the details about DETOX3 Weeks in France, and the registration form.

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