For the 3rd year, the DETOX3 7 days retreats will take place in France in 2019 ! Save the dates and join our “Sharing Clarity Family”, to experiment the Feeling Technology…

Sometimes we want or need to bring a change in our professional life, get a better health, and have more fulfilling relationships, realize our dreams, but we just can not. Our emotional system creates automatic reactions and unconscious uncomfortable contractions, that create limits in our life.

Going out of the habits is usually difficult and not comfortable. But sometimes the best of our life is waiting for us out of this comfort zone, and sometimes the life doesn’t give us the choice, then we need to go out of this zone.

During the DETOX3 week you will learn the 7 steps that will allow you to listen to your emotional system with consciousness, feel the body reactions, integrate emotions, until your comfort zone will be expanded, your consciousness will increase, you will feel more relaxed in more situations, your relationships will start to jump to a new level of depth, and your life will be able to change in the direction of your deep dreams.

You will get finaly more clarity about what you feel and what you want or not in your life, develop your intuition, have more possibilities to realize your dreams, get more inner power for making decisions and being responsible of your choices, your health, and your life.

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