Do you think you have access to your full potential to live fully the life that inspires you?

More and more research findings confirm daily that the cognitive unconscious dictates its law.

Unconscious mechanisms control most of our behaviors, our choices, our emotions, our decisions, as many studies show.

The cognitive processes that control our thoughts and actions are very often unconscious. The more the study of consciousness progresses, the more it is confirmed that, like an iceberg, the unconscious processes represent the immersed part, the most important.

When psychologists try to understand how our mind works, they often come to a surprising conclusion: we often make decisions without consciously thinking about it.

What would it be like to learn that the choices you make and your life are managed for the most part by your unconscious? What would it be like to learn that it has a direct impact on your health, your relationships, your work, your family, and ultimately your level of energy, deep joy and well-being?

If you learn that you can take back to your full potential and restore awareness in your actions and choices, that the next changes in your life and your life direction may have come more from you, and less from the consequences that your environment and your life experiences have had on you since the first minute of your conception, would you be happy to try ?

By learning to feel the body with a new sensitivity and understanding level, by reconnecting to our subtile preceptions and installing the applications in our “SmartBody”, we allow step by step to read in our unconscious. Once we have more clarity about what happens in our unconscious we can release and integrate the emotions that have been blocked sometimes for years and years, that generated a lot of unconscious choices and interactions in our daily life, sometimes generating conflicts, violence, suffering, illness, drama and wars.

Once this emotions are integrated, more inner space and a feeling of peace are taking place deep inside. What was unconfortable and contracting becomes more relaxed. We can start to interact with our environment from a place that is not “reacting”, we can start to use our full potential, we can start to take decisions and put actions with more consciousness, openess, serenity and clarity. These actions become more powerfull, more impacting, more creating the life that we wish deep inside.

What would it be if you buy the last performant SmartPhone but never install any application, just using it to make phone calls ? And yet it is often what we do with our “SmartBody”, this very sensitive device that send to us a lot of messages from our unconscious. Step by step, by installing the new applications and integrating our emotions, we reconnect to our intuition, we create more inner space in order to interact with our environment in a more conscious way, taking back our full potential to live fully the life that inspires us !

Struggling to find peace is like screaming to find silence…

Eric H.

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