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DETOX3 7 days in France continues in 2020/21 !

DETOX3 7 days in France continues in 2020/21 !

For the 3rd year, the DETOX3 7 days retreats will take place in France in 2019 ! Save the dates and join our "Sharing Clarity Family", to experiment the Feeling Technology... Sometimes we want or need to bring a change in our professional life, get a better health,...

Welcome in a new paradigm, a new consciousness level which brings humans together, so that they are stronger in unity than in conflict. I believe in the fundamental and original connection that brings us all together, beyond the form that often seems to separate us.

Through my life experiences I was led to live through this new paradigm, and today I share my new clarity and new awareness of how the human being can live his full potential in harmony.

DETOX3 - 7 Days.

 FRANCE / 24 -30 th May 2020

DETOX3 - 7 Days.

FRANCE / 2 – 8 th August 2020

DETOX3 seminary

You want to get a strong experience that can start create profond positive changes in your life ? You want to experiment a new paradigm, join our “sharing clarity” family, start expend your comfort zone, connect deep with the energy of the heart, and take the responsability of your life path ?

Click here to know more about the DETOX3 7 days seminary…

Private Sessions

You want to start with the benefits of the Feeling Technology, but you cannot come in a DETOX3 Seminary for the moment ? Then you can try private sessions via internet with Gaston. You just need a webcam and a microphone, and you will be able to start installing Apps in your “SmartBody”, and develop consciousness from your unconscious !

Rising Vibration

Every thursday evening we first share how we feel and then share 33 minutes in silence, connected via internet. A time to feel with consciousness our body sensations, listen to our mind, pay attention to our emotional body, and raise our vibration. It is totaly free, you can join us.

What we call LIMITS can change !

You can choose to feel your emotions with consciousness and activate your full transformational potential…

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